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Kyle Jenner And Tyga Back Together After Well Publicizes Split

Kyle Jenner and Tyga are back together after the well publicized split, Naija Whistle has learned. Kyle had broken up with her rapper beau after she heard rumours that he cheated on her while she was away working in Australia. A devastated Tyga still grieving from Kyle's absence from his 26th … [Read More...]

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M.I Has Failed Chocolate City – Osagie Alonge

Earlier in the year, I was at the Nigerian entertainment conference where Audu Maikori announced that he will handover Chocolate City's affair to the labels foremost rapper M.I Abaga to the delight of the audience. At that same conference, M.I himself announced the return of Jesse Jagz to … [Read More...]

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The First Lady Of Nigeria Host Entertainers In Abuja

The First lady of Nigeria Dame Patience Johnathan, hosted some of the top notch personalities in the Nigerian entertainment scene yesterday the 28th of Feb in Abuja. The event was graced by the … [Read More...]

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Miss World 2015: Meet The African Queens

The 2015 Miss World beauty pageant kicked off in Sanya, China with a welcome dinner for the contestants, a dazzling firework display, and a night of dancing. The event will feature contestants from … [Read More...]

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Bitter Kola and Ebola: What Nigerians must know – Health Minister

Talking about Dr. Maurice Iwu’s thesis regarding bitter kola and Ebola (Iwu said Kolanut could cure Ebola – based on research), Nigerian Health Minister Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu said the government is considering making laws to arrest people who make bogus claims to have a cure for Ebola, and said Nigeria needs to work with Dr. […]


Why Ebola differs from other viruses

The Ebola Virus Disease is the enemy knocking at the door of many West African countries and its effects are fast spreading. Unlike other viruses, such as the Hepatitis A, B,C, which can stay in the body fluids of an infected person for 15 years without any symptoms, the Ebola virus, which symptoms include bleeding […]

An incurable form of tuberculosis has inescapably been discovered in India.

Recent drugs have been developed, though their effectiveness against TDR-TB strains have not yet be confirmed. Due to this, the terminology Total Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, TDR-TB has not been distinctly defined for tuberculosis; World Health Organisation. The Times of India described tuberculosis which kills around 1,000 people daily in India as “having acquired a deadlier […]

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For the Ladies!!!! Banky W takes off his shirt

I think Banky has been on  his fitness journey. Looks like he's on his way to a solid six pack. i hope the ladies gon Like what they see... … [Read More...]

African Union suspends Burkina Faso from organization

The African Union has suspended Burkina Faso over Thursday's military coup. The AU said sanctions would be imposed if members of the presidential guard, who staged the coup do not release members of the interim government which includes the interim president, Michel Kafondo. The presidents of Benin and Senegal are in the city for talks with the coup leader. Meanwhile Pres.Buhari has condemned the coup in Burkina Faso. Below is a press statement from the presidency.. President Muhammadu … [Read More...]

Buhari’s First Semester Report Card

Social Commentator Etcetera has published his weekly article on his website – Etcetera Live – the focus of today’s article is Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari. Etcetera details what he calls “Buhari’s First Semester Report Card“. **** We often use benchmarks as measures of progress. ‘How is your favourite football team doing at the beginning of this season?’ ‘How many words does your one-year-old son say in a minute?’ And, of course, there’s the time-honoured measure of how well a new … [Read More...]

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Free Beat Alert

free beat straight from hell's kitchen produced by crossroadz Enjoy..   Download Here … [Read More...]

Streethub” is back on Riddy visualsTV

 A street free styling session showcasing upcoming and certified artiste around Africa.. This edition features a talented artiste  "Bestsa" all the way from ibadan city "Streethub" was directed and produced by RiddyvisualsTV. You can connect with Bestsa  on social media through twitter- and IG- @Bestsa001 Via youtube- Watch Video     NB: You are an artiste,  would love to feature on Streethub, contact Riddy on IG and twitter @Riddyvisuals ‎ … [Read More...]

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