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Headies 2015: Olamide – Don Jazzy – Lil Kesh Raekado Beef: My Take

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So there was a drama at the Headies over who should be the Headies awards 2015 next rated artiste of the year, but Olamide YbNL’s Lil Kesh and Don Jazzy’s Raekado Banks were nominated for the category,both promising artistes who dropped hit singles in the year 2015.
Anyway Raekado Banks wins the award and Olamide goes on stage ranting and pulling a Kanye West on them prompting Don Jazzy to go on stage with a reply.
Watch the video below:

Olamide then goes on Twitter, ranting and insulting Don Jazzy, dragging D’Banj into the matter. Find his tweets below:

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Here’s my take on the beef:

  1. We are not disputing the fact that Olamide and his YBNL crew were hot this year but he’s becoming a very proud mofo.
  2. It’s ok to rant and air your grievances but not in an insulting manner, that was disrespectful to the organizers of the Headies.
  3. Don Jazzy whose artiste was affected directly had the right to address the issue directly (and I think maturely) and you Olamide goes on Twitter to insult DOn Jazzy, drag D’Banj into the matter and accuse Don Jazzy of  putting his name on other people’s production.

Hmmm, not taking sides with nobody, afterall its showbiz. I’ll ask you reading this: Whose fault do you think it is?

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