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5 Fresh Tomato Alternatives For Nigerian Meals

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tomato-marketFor a typical Nigerian , tomato is a must have ingredient for most meals . Unfortunately with the decline in supply, a  scarcity of this essential food ingredient has risen.

Most kitchen-savvy people are not finding tomato scarcity funny as it has become luxury for some . Therefore, we  need some fresh tomato alternative.
Naija Whistle brings to you:

5 Fresh Tomato Alternatives For Nigerian Meals.

You cant kill yourself because 4 pieces of Tomatoes is now N500.

Fresh tomatoes is the bedrock of stew, & Stew is the bedrock of almost every meal and  dishes in Nigeria.

Apart from the scarcity , It was reported that a tomato pest, Tuta Absoluta has harmed crops in most of the northern tomato producing states of Plateau, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna and Katsina.

Others are sure it is to do with the hike in fuel prices, impacting transportation costs from farm to market

So with this unavailability of Fresh Tomatoes , Here are  5 Fresh Tomato Alternative for you.

1. Tomato Paste / Canned Tomatoes (tinned tomato)

Can of peeled tomatoes on bright background

Canned tomatoes  popularly known as Tin tomatoes by the average Nigerian. Tin Tomatoes stew is a great alternative to the usual Fresh Tomatoes Stew. There are various brands you can use such as Gino , Pomo , De Rica & Tasty Tom. They are not expensive and range between N40 – N200 depending on size .

Canned tomatoes can be virtuous too!    Choose a trusted brand, don’t store left overs in the tin/ can and you’re good to go.

2. Unripe habanero peppers


Unripe habanero peppers is a great alternative for fresh tomatoes and the crave for stew. You can make Ofada Stew Also called “Ayamase” with this pepper.

The sauce is pretty easy to make and the only ingredients you need include: unripe habanero peppers, green tatashe or green bell peppers, locust bean seasoning (iru, ogiri okpei or dawadawa), red palm oil, onion, crayfish, assorted meat and fish.

3.Tomato Puree


Tomato Puree is a little different from the usual Tin Tomatoes as it has some extra ingredients added.

4.Tatashe + Fresh Pepper
Tatashe which real name is Bell Pepper . This serves as a good Fresh Tomato Alternative.


It also has the red flavour and color of the fresh tomatoes which when mixed well gives a similar taste of tomatoes. It contains vitamins also which is a plus.

5. Palm Kernel



Palm Kernel is another great alternative to Fresh Tomatoes . It is the edible seed of a palm Oil Tree.

What do you use tomatoes for ??What is your Fresh Tomato Alternative for your meals ??

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