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Boko Haram Takes Over, Renames Adamawa Town Of Mubi

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After taking over Mubi, the second biggest town in Adamawa, members of the Boko Haram group have renamed the town Madinatul Islam which means the secret of Islam.

According to reports, Boko Haram is appealing to residents of Mubi town who fled to return back to the town, claiming they will be more secure under a Boko haram rule.

An eye witness says:

“They (insurgents) mounted check-points in strategic locations, brandishing rifles but asking us not to panic or run away. But despite assurances of safety and security, thousands of the trapped residents have been sneaking out as they said they would not risk staying in the town for fear of the unknown.”
Another resident who is still in Mubi revealed that normal activities in the town have resumed despite Boko Haram’s rule, and that people have begun opening their shops and resuming their businesses.
The terrorists have also warned politicians not to attempt conducting elections in Adamawa State, as that would result in serious consequences.
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