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How To Train Your Caucasian Shepherd

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As one of the best known guard dog breeds, Caucasian shepherds have their unique set of character traits that need special care. Like most other breeds, Caucasian shepherds require intensive training and socializing in order to fit in well with their family. Find out everything you need to know about training your Caucasian shepherd and buy top Nigerian Caucasian shepherds on


If you’ve ever owned dogs or studied dog behavior and training, you know that all dog breeds have a period in their lives where early training brings the best results. For Caucasian shepherds, this period starts at 12-14 weeks. Up until this time the chance of a puppy responding well to training is minimal, but once the dog reaches that age, you can start training in two ways: socializing the puppy and teaching it the primary commands, starting with the word “No”.

Where to do it?

Since Caucasian shepherds are fairly large and intimidating dogs, owners often make the mistake of confining the dog to their own yard, house, or apartment, and only taking it out on rare occasions. However, this approach to socializing will only result in the dog being completely unable to communicate with other dogs and humans, as well as being terrified of street noises and movement.

That is why trainers always encourage Caucasian shepherd owners to take the dog out as much as possible and take it not only to dog parks and other usual locations to meet other dogs, but also areas where there is a lot of human and car traffic, so that the dog gets used to the noise and people. Remember to never go out of your home without putting a leash or a harness on your Caucasian shepherd.

How to do it?

The basic principle of dog training doesn’t differ too much from one breed to another. It doesn’t matter if you own a tiny Pomeranian or a huge Caucasian shepherd – the only way to properly train your dog is through positive reinforcement. Physical pressure and strict verbal discipline may work for a while, but with these training methods you also risk making the dog more aggressive towards humans and less sociable.

Positive reinforcement, on the other hand, has shown great results in training Caucasian shepherds. If you firmly establish your position as the alpha of your household and nip your dog’s attempts to become the leader of the pack in the bud, soon you’ll have a Caucasian shepherd that behaves as good as some of the tamest dog breeds out there.


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