Tara & Bella – Wayo Ft. Ian Jazzi – Naija Whistle


Tara & Bella – Wayo Ft. Ian Jazzi

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Tara and Bella are sisters with a voice as smooth as velvet . Both born in Lagos, they now live in Abuja with their parents and attended the Nigerian Turkish College Abuja, and are now in American University of Nigeria.

They started singing professionally in 2006 and have an array of lovely songs with feels of R&B, Pop, Blues and that Naija thing!!!

The latest single “Get Down” is a popular hit with radio stations all over Abuja. Tara and Bella’s latest single Wayo featuring Ian Jazzi is a smooth r n b song with nice guitar feelers and lovely voices to accompany the soft tunes. Ian Jazzi finishes off with a soft rap. Nice song to relax.




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