OMG! These Pre-Wedding Pictures Will Make You Want To Get Married

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Once a man and woman attains a certain level in the society they are seen to be old enough to settle down. We Africans love marriages, nothing can be compared to weddings. We wear our best cloths, make our hair well and essentially look good because if we don’t, the waiter will look at us and pass us when it’s time for food and small chops, so we have to look our best to weddings.

Whether we were invited or not, we are attending this wedding. Whether we know the marrying couple or not, we don’t wanna be told of what happened in that wedding. Sometimes, this is heightened by the hype around the weddings, especially the pre-wedding pictures. Some pre-wedding pictures look so perfect the marriage already seemed perfect.

A Pre-Wedding shoot captures the love-chemistry of a couple before the actual wedding.

Checkout these photos:

Image: Kemi Filani

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