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I wanted to write about the “mom jean” and how to style them never knew i would be writing about mixing prints and patterns this soon but anyways let go mix some prints(lol). Prints are really trending now but bulk of women still find it difficult to mix prints because of they are scared of looking like a clown or a ‘walking mistake’ but before we proceed i would like us to look at the different colors on the color wheel.

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The color wheel serves as a guide to mixing prints but i do feel if you want to mix print and slay the look we should stop thinking about colors that match instead we should think of color that ‘go’ and also be confident about what you mix together because being confident gives people the impression that you know what you are doing.

Let try to study the color wheel above and see how this colors work;

Complimentary colors – Try colors on the opposite end of the wheel for instance trying out blue and orange, yellow and violet, Red and Green etc.

Pairing colors of the same hue  Like purple, violet, lilac even blue gives a great mix.

Analogous colors – colors located next to each other on the wheel goes pretty well.

Colors evenly spaced on the color wheel – colors that are of equal distance from one another on the color wheel like green, orange and purple.

Rules to mix prints

Monochrome- Monochrome prints and patterns are a must have if you want to mix prints and patterns effectively, you can do monochromatic mixing by pairing with a solid color and also mixing two monochromatic patterns together like monochrome stripes + monochrome floral and this goes well especially when the stripes are large and the print or floral material is smaller.

Inspiration | Classic prints; polka dots and monochrome checks.

Multi colors- Always make sure there is a unifying color when combining colors i.e coordinating colors not prints, don’t try to look if the prints match instead look at the colors in the print and pick a unifying color in the prints, like i wrote earlier colors that ‘go’ and not match. From the image below we could tell that navy blue is the unifying colour in the outfit.


Leopard- First of all, i want to say thank God for the leopard print, leopard prints basically goes with everything, we should treat the leopard print the way we treat neutral colors, the same way you see colors like white, grey, black, beige that the same way you see the leopard print. It can be worn with any other print material either floral, stripes etc.

Stripes– Just like the leopard prints, the stripe pattern goes with everything from floral to pastel to solid colors even polkadots. i could remember when i was in my early years in school i had this vertical stripe short and as at then prints were not trending at all i thought of how to wear the short i decided to mix with a floral top and a friend of mine told me it did not fit but to me it was very fine and when i wore the outfit out a lot of persons  complimented the look, the highlight of my story is that as long as you are comfortable with the print mixed and you don’t see yourself as a clown when you look in the mirror then it goes.

23 looks para dominar el arte de mezclar estampados


Another thing of importance when mixing print is the scale of the print and pattern you are combining, varying the sizes of the print is very important like mixing a large stripe with smaller prints or smaller stripe with larger print like the one in the picture below goes really well.

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polka-dots,stripes and leopard patterns are all neutral they can be worn with any other prints and patterns or even worn together. Take for instance checks and polka-dots, checks and stripes they fit real good and also in mixing three or more prints, the easiest way of adding a third print is by either mixing with a monochromatic print or a neutral pattern(leopard, stripes, polka-dots).

arm candy

Confidence is a key in mixing prints and as long as you feel you are comfortable in what you are wearing then you are on the right path like the story about my friend telling me that floral and stripes do not fit, she felt that way because she was used to mixing prints and a solid color which is also good and safe but if you want to be really stylish then you should go for that daring look in mixing prints. Apart from being stylish, mixing print gives one an edge and you are always noticed everywhere you pull such outfits to.

With these i hope we would be able to mix prints and patterns effectively and be less scared about pulling outfits made of prints and pictures used are not mine, was gotten from different blogs.




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