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Webcam Photo Of Obama’s 16 Year Old Daughter Goes Viral

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Event hough being the daughter of the president and living in the white house has its own perks, 16 year old Malia Obama has come to realize it also has a down side as you’re in the public eye and everything you do gets blown out of proportion.

Just when Malia and sister Natasha were put in the public eye for being described as not classy, a selfie of the 16 year old Miss Obama is causing stirs on the internet.

A hiphop clothing line based in New York released a photo of Malia in one of its T.Shirts and hope it will generate some publicity. Malia is seen with her hands behind her head and casually looking into the camera with an open pout.


The question is who leaked the picture and how did it find its way on Instagram as their mom has put a strict social media restriction on the girls.

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