DSS Recruitment 2020/2021 [Application Portal, Form and How To Apply]

DSS Recruitment 2020/2021 [Application Portal, Form and How To Apply]

Hey, are you seeking for the Best way to apply for DSS Recruitment and succeed? Bravo! As you have landed on the right platform. Here at this recruitment form website, we will make sue that we guide you thoroughly on how you can apply for this recruitment successfully. Do not panic, we will give you the best, updated and most recent information concentration this recruitment.

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We will also provide answers to all your deep seated queries. So make sure that you read to the end to get everything.

About The DSS

Let’s get to know a little bout this organization. Nigeria’s main national intelligence agency is the State Security Service (SSS), self-styled as the Department of State Services (DSS). It is mainly accountable for collecting intelligence within the nation and protecting senior officials of government, especially the president and governors of the state.


In June 1986, Ibrahim Babangida, fulfilling one of the commitments made in his first domestic address as President, released Decree No. 19, dissolving the National Security Organization (NSO) and reorganization the safety services of Nigeria into three distinct organizations under the Office of the National Security Coordinator. With Director General Ismaila Gwarzo and Deputy Director Lt. Col. A.K. Togun, the State Security Service (SSS) has been created accountable for national intelligence. External intelligence and counterintelligence were handled by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) was accountable outside and inside Nigeria for military-related intelligence.

The SSS ‘ task is to safeguard and defend Nigeria’s Federal Republic from national threats, maintain and implement Nigeria’s criminal legislation, and provide management and criminal justice services to federal and state law enforcement bodies. The SSS is also charged with protecting the President, Vice President, Senate President, House Speaker, State Governors, their immediate relatives, other high-ranking public officials, previous presidents and their spouses, some presidential and vice presidential candidates, and visiting foreign heads of state and government.

The SSS was fairly effective in fulfilling its main obligation for internal security. The agency was credited with the arrest in 1993 of the Egyptian bomber Omar Mohammed Ali Rezaq while attempting to enter Nigeria across the border between Nigeria and Benin. The United States wished Rezaq to lead the bombing of an EgyptAir aircraft for the Abu Nidal group in 1985 after receiving an official application from the State Department. 4] The SSS intercepted a big cache of weapons and ammunition from Iran at the Apapa port in Lagos in October 2010, despite a UN weapons embargo on Iran.


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Another Important Thing You have t know is the difference between DSS and SSS. Are they the same? Let’s get to see the difference is the subheading below.

Difference Between DSS and SSS

The State Security Service or the State Security Service Department is primarily accountable for the country’s national safety. They are a brute police force dealing with the country’s Prblems. They may also be used in Nigeria’s anti-terrorism activities. Their primary job, however, is to provide safety for Nigerian people.

The SSS enforces and upholds criminal laws of Nigeria and provides criminal justice to law-enforcement organisations. It also provides protection for State Governors, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Senate President, Vice President, President and their families. The SSS is also charged with the protection of the visiting foreign heads of state and government, candidates for the offices of Vice President and President, ex-presidents, high-ranking officers and their families.


Necessary Requirements For DSS Recruitment

The Department of State Security invites graduates and postgraduates to fill in the positions in the recruitment 2017. It also provides general requirements for people who wish to become a part of Nigerian security service personnel. Here are the DSS Nigeria requirements:

  1. You should be a Nigerian by birth or born to Nigerian parents. Foreigners are not allowed to take the DSS Nigeria Job;
  2. Male candidates should be at least 1.7m tall (for certain posts it`s not necessary)
  3. Female candidates should be at least 1.64 m tall (for certain posts it`s not necessary);
  4. The candidate’s expanded chest measurement must be at least 0.87 meters (it is not necessary for some posts);
  5. A government medical officer should certify the candidate;
  6. The candidate must be mentally fit for service;
  7. The candidate should be physically fit for service;
  8. The candidates with the following medical cases can`t apply for the service:
  • Pregnant women;
  • Flat Foot;
  • Major orthopedic operations in the past;
  • Natural disabilities (fractures, stammering and others);
  1. Any candidate who wants to apply for DSS in Nigeria can’t be a serviceman if he / she has been found guilty in any criminal offense in Nigeria or any other country;

How To Apply For DSS Recruitment

What are the DSS Nigeria Jobs you can apply in 2019? The The available Jobs that you can apply for below in the DSS Nigeria Recruitment 2020.

  • Statistician;
  • Software Developer;
  • Sociologist;
  • Satellite images interpreter;
  • Radiologists;
  • Psychologist;
  • Pediatrician/Pediatrician nurse;
  • Orthopedic surgeon;
  • Optometrist;
  • Mathematics education;
  • Lawyer;
  • Hospitality Managers;
  • English education;
  • Computer Engineer/Computer science education/Network engineer/Data Administrator;
  • Electrical/Building/Mechanical/Satellite Communication engineer;
  • Criminologist.

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