NDLEA Recruitment Form Portal Application 2019/2020-See How To Apply Here

NDLEA Recruitment Form Portal Application 2019/2020-See How To Apply Here

NDLEA Recruitment Form Portal Application guide. This is where we will show you how to effectively apply for the NDLEA Recruitment successfully. Red our guide to the end to stay informed.

From the staples of the Recruitment form website, we bring to your door steps all the information regarding the National drug nd law enforcement agency recruitment. Please continue reading to the end to see all the details.

In this article today, we will make sure we cover in a bid major areas such as the NDLEA Recruitment Date, the NDLEA recruitment portal and even the shortlisted candidates. But before we proceed, let us critically look at the NDLEA history and modus operandi. Read below.

A brief History of the NDLEA

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is a Nigerian federal agency tasked with preventing hard drug developing, refining, producing, selling, importing, and smuggling. The department was set up by 1989 Decree No. 48. At international airports, seaports and border crossings, the NDLEA is present. Through killing plantings, it helps to eliminate marijuana. The NDLEA also monitors the members of organizations involved in drugs and money laundering. The headquarters is in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Alhaji Ahmadu Giade, former NDLEA chairman, described illegal drugs as being “alien” to Nigeria. Cannabis, now grown locally in most federation states, has been introduced by foreigners to the country. Ms Dagmar Thomas, the Country Representative of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), says Nigeria was one of the largest cannabis growers in Africa, with over 8% of the population abusing cannabis. Annual cannabis seizures increased from 126 metric tonnes in 2005 to 210 metric tonnes in 2007.[3] The NDLEA describes the South West region of Nigeria as one of the main centers of illicit drug production in the country.

Ndlea Recruitment 2019 — General Requirements:

A candidate applying for recruitment to the Agency must meet the following conditions:• All candidates must fill in the online application form, upload the passport and print out the application slip that would be used throughout the recruitment process.

  • Candidates are literate and must be qualified for the position as stated below.
  • Before final selection, a shortlisted applicant must be physically and mentally qualified for employment by a government hospital medical officer.

All prospective candidates must be individuals with good character and must not have been convicted of any criminal offence save road traffic offence.

  • All prospective candidates must be free from any kind of financial insolvency or bankruptcy.
  • Candidates will be required to download two (2) referee forms to be filled by two (2) persons of reputable standing in the society.
  • Successful candidates will be required to fill further vetting forms.
  • All successful candidates will be subjected to random illicit drug use test throughout their service in the Agency.
  • Only shortlisted applicants shall be invited for further examination and interview.

How To Apply For The Recruitment

After the applicants filled out their application and submitted it. Applicants should choose HERE Place the Click to Print Confirmation Slip button on the site Applicants should enter their email or phone no or work reference number and then press the submit button Applicants can now display and print the confirmation slip.

Online registration of NCS 2019 is done through the official website of NCS Nigeria https:/vacancy.customs.gov.ng/. Follow these steps carefully to ensure a successful request Sign in to https:/vacancy.customs.gov.ngChoose your desired Framework: Superintendent, Inspectorate or Assistant Framework The Superintendent Framework is: Top Ranking Officers made up of Assistant Customs Superintendent.

Applicants between the ages of 18-30 Applicants holding a Bachelor’s or HND equivalent degree in any of the following fields of study and NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate The Inspectorate Cadre is: mid-level officers composed of Assistant Customs Inspectors.

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