Nigeria Custom Service Recruitment Form, Portal and Application 2020

Nigeria Custom Service Recruitment Form, Portal and Application 2020

Bravo! The Nigeria Custom Recruitment is Here, so is another opportunity for recruitment and to be gainfully employ into the Federal System in the country. See full details below.

Do you know that you can become very financially free by being a member of the Nigeria Custom? This is because this agency is one of the highest paying agencies is the country because of the high risk involved in curbing the activities of pirates.

So in this article, we will profile some important facts bordering the Nigerian Custom Recruitment Some of this important Information includes details on the recruitment date, portal and how to apply for the recruitment. So scroll down below and continue reading.

Before we continue, let’s have brief look at the history of the Nigeria Custom and why you should apply for their recruitment 2020.

About the Nigeria Custom Service and Their Recruitment

What is now known as the Nigeria Customs Service–a paramilitary organization, could be said to have been founded a little over a century ago when the British Colonial administration appointed Mr. T. A. Wall as the Director-General of Customs for the Inland Revenue Collection in the Niger Coast Protectorate in 1891. This is the formalization of the duties undertaken by the Department under the leadership of the former chief executives under the Royal Niger Company.

The title Customs and Excise Department emerged in 1922 when the Nigeria Federation’s first Customs and Excise Comptroller was appointed.

With the promulgation of the 1958 Customs and Excise Management Act (CEMA) No. 55, the department’s affairs were put under the direction of a board. The President of the Customs and Excise Board has become the Department’s chief executive. The first Chairman and Chief Executive Officer was appointed in 1959 by Mr. E. P. C. Langdon, a Briton. He was replaced by Mr. S. G. Quinton.

The achievement of independence in 1960 contributed to the Nigerianization policy of the Federal Government, which led to the appointment of Mr. Ayodele Diyan in 1964 as the first Nigerian Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Nigeria Custom Recruitment Requirements

There are criteria for you to be hired.

  • Being a Nigerian citizen based on birth or descent
  • Height not less than 1.7 meters, for men and 1.64 meters for women
  • 87 meters chest measurement
  • Certified by government medical staff to be physically and mentally fit for appointment in services
  • Do not experience any physical or mental disability
  • Free from any financial stigma
  • Has a good character and is not guilty of crime.
  • Certificates approved by a liaison officer are not suitable Only use once and make sure everything you fill is genuine.

How To Apply For The Recruitment

If you would like to apply for a NCS job? If yes, fill out online at the selection form. You can also fill out the form here: NCS Parent Selection / Tutor Consent Form. Acknowledgment form. Form of attestation from local government.



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