Nigerian Air force Shortlisted Candidates 2020

Nigerian Air force Shortlisted Candidates 2020; The general public are therefore notified that the names of the shortlisted candidates is currently out for checking. The names of the candidates successfully recruited have been uploaded, below is the guide to check it.

Brief History of the Nigerian Air force

The idea of establishing an air force for Nigeria was first mooted in 1961 following the nation’s participation in peace-keeping operations in Congo and Tanganyika (now Tanzania). During these peace-keeping operations, foreign air forces aircraft were employed to airlift the Nigerian Army Regiment to and from the theatres of operation. The Nigerian Government at the time, no doubt, recognized the urgent need to establish an air force actively supported by modern facilities to provide full complement of forces to enhance the nation’s military posture. Early in 1962, the Government agreed in principle that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) be established.

Candidates that participated in the just concluded recruitment exercise for the Nigeria Immigration Recruitment are informed that the names of the shortlisted candidates have been uploaded and yet to be released.


Note; checking of the names of the shortlisted candidates is completely free of charge. There is no fee attached to checking of the names.

Do you want to know How to Check Nigerian Air force Shortlisted Candidates ? if your answer is yes, the you are in right place, this article is a guide on how to access the Nigerian Air force portal for the shortlisted candidates.

Individual with full interest are advised to check online via the official portal of the Nigerian Air force as the names of the successful candidates are being updated.

In this article, you will be fully given the necessary guide for checking the Nigerian Air force shortlisted candidates. Candidates that do not see their names are not shortlisted.

Do you want to know if you are shortlisted ? If your answer is YES, then i will advise you to stay connected as we will always update you on every information about Nigerian Air force.

Check here for;

Nigerian Airforce Past Questions and Answers


Below is the sample of how looks Nigerian Airforce past questions and answers …Click the link above for pdf download.
Nigerian Airforce past questions and answers Sample from Previous Years.


The Nigeria Airforce Examination for three basic subjects which are

i. English language

ii. Mathematics

iii. General Knowledge


A labourer is paid N5,400:00k per month. What is his total salary in 1 3/4years?
(a) N113,40:00 (b) N64,800:00 (c) N97,200:00 (d) N129,600:00 ANS A


1. Which of the following will sink when placed on water? (a) Ball (b) Plastic Cup (c) Balloon (d) Eraser ANS D


2. The following are domestic birds except (a) Duck (b) Pigeon (c) Turkey (d) Vulture ANS D


3. A boy buys a biscuit for N4 and sells it at a profit of 20%. Find the actual price and the selling price? (a) i =N1.00k, ii = N5.00k (b) i = 60k, ii = N4.40k (c) i = 80k, ii = N4.80k (d) i = 50k, ii = N4.50k ANS C


4. A man buys recharge card for N500. He sells it for N430. What is the percentage loss? (a) 7% (b) 9% (c) 14% (d) 20% ANS C


5. The title of the traditional ruler of Benin is called………………………….. (a) Obi (b) Obong (c) Oba (d) Igwe ANS C


1. Abuja officially replaced Lagos as capital of Nigeria in ————– (a) 1992 (b) 1996 (c) 1998 (d) 1991 ANS: D


2. The highest court in Nigeria is the ——————-
(a) Federal High Court (b) Supreme Court (c) Federal Court (d) Sharia Court ANS: B


3. The rotation of the earth on its axis causes?
(a) Autumn and Winter (b) Wet and dry seasons (c) Summer and water (d) Dawn and Twilight ANS: D


4. The earth is the ——–?
(a) Closest planet to the sun (b) 2nd closest to the sun (c) 3rd closest to the sun (d) 4th closest to the sun ANS: C


5. Naira is to Nigeria as ———is to India (a) Yen (b) France (c) Rupee (d) Dupee ANS: C


6. Collection of different human organs working as a unit is referred to as –
(a) Tissue (b) Cell (c) System (d) Skeleton ANS: C


7. A body of shallow sea water or brackish water separated from the sea by some form of bamer is called ——-
(a) Nile’s Valley (b) Lagoon (c) Greeks (d) Oasis ANS: B



How To Check For The Nigerian Air force Shortlisted Candidates

To check for The Nigerian Air force shortlisted candidates Visit HERE. If you have challenges in accessing the Nigerian Air force shortlisted candidates portals, kindly exercise patience, it could be the portals is uploading the Nigerian Air force shortlisted candidates OR is under-going an update.

Note;  when you open this link, it only contains successfully admitted candidates. Ensure that you had supplied all the information needed before registration.

For the mean time stay updated for more information.


Drop a comment to be informed immediately, and stay connected every we will update you anytime the Nigerian Air force Shortlisted Candidates is out officially.


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