Site Ranking Strategy-how to get your site ranked

Site Ranking Strategy; The secret to site ranking lies in…find this out below. Are you desperately looking forward to see your site ranked ? if your answer is yes, then you are at the right place and with the right article.


Base on the current google ranking, ten Recruitment & Jobs sites have been ranked the best in google ranking list this year.

You may ask why and how do these Recruitment & Jobs site ranked the best ? Well, as you’ll read down you’ll see why they are placed in the google ranking as first.

Do you have a site and it is not ranking as it should ? If your answer is YES, you can possibly learn here as this article will brief you on their secret for ranking.


The Secret of the Top Ranking sites

The Quality of the Article

Every article written and posted is to solve a problem of a reader. Every article posted is served as food to the hungry, and like a water to the tasty.

Note; No matter how one may be hungry for food if there is no good food for consumption can be possibly be rejected. This is how a lot of viewers have rejected a lot of sites due to their poor posts.

one post should at least gives 99.9% satisfaction to the viewer. The quality of an article determine the quality view one have. That’s why some sites rank better than others.


Site Age 

This has a major role it plays, there is this word that says “first come first serve. Yes it is pretty true, the age of a site is mostly considered by google for ranking.

Blogging require time, persistence, patience and endurance if and only if one do not retire or fainted on the way.

It is advisable to start up a blog if only one is so passionate about solving people problems in writing.



This really help in improving site in the current google setting. Most of the ranking sites carries a huge authority. It is observed that a lot of sites owner cannot have this done appropriately. If you have be stumbling in building authority in your blog we are here to help.

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